Shean Pao hCover of Elah's Pearlas a gifted writing talent that allowed her to compose one of the most beautiful short story out there. Drawing off meticulous¬†and detailed descriptions, she was able to deliver a vivid and theatrical tale of a brave and righteous protagonist who seeks to do what’s right in his world. Elah’s Pearl is the story of Mokole and his brotherhood, the Bohar. Upon being forced to murder his own brother, the supposed Pearl of Elah, a potential ruler in a far future, Mokole explores his options and lingers puzzled as to¬†what to do. Seeking the right path in one of the most important decisions in his life, this story is bound to capture your imagination in a dance for justice.

A moment of epiphany. That is all it took for the protagonist to realize what he was destined to do. This story starts off with a tense action scene. Not your typical action scene though. In the world of Muirru, a race marvellously described as a half amphibian-half human race, individuals can Challenge others. A challenge that consists on a dance battle that couldn’t have been described any more splendidly through impeccable writing than Shean Pao has done. What’s truly remarkable is how the author managed to jump into the story without dillydallying on character introductions. Managing to focus on the essence of the story, the author did an impeccable job at molding this short story into something very complete. Elah’s Pearl also succeeds to depict its characters through their actions and their beliefs. As you read, you learn more about what kind of individual the protagonist is and what he’s dealing with. More than complex, Mokole is shown as a conflicted individual with a strong sense of justice and this was portrayed with great details.

Short as it is, the story still managed to add in a great twist. One that was far from being predictable, yet the perfect choice for this 54 page plot. How do you not wish for more after reading a story this well told? Elah’s Pearl is a short story set in a fictional fantasy world that is sure to plunge you in a universe you never imagined. Set sail into Mokole’s destiny as he ponders on his brother’s life. A life that others wonder if worth the slavery of thousands. This is definitely a quick must-read. Shean Pao is without doubt an author to follow.

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