Upcoming Release of The Feather and the Moon Well. Praise by David Farland:

“In THE FEATHER AND THE MOON WELL, Shean Pao draws upon traditional tales of the fairy realm for inspiration, while creating a world that is uniquely her own. The resulting tale is richly drawn and completely seductive. This is a story that bears reading again and again.” —New York Times bestselling fantasy author David Farland.


The Feather and the Moon Well:  REVIEW

Author Shean Pao transfixes you with the mystical yet down to earth story of The Feather and the Moon Well. Her tale follows Anarra, the immortal Willow Woman. She finds that immortality and magical abilities lead to a lonely, ever-vigilant life in a hidden tower. She subsists by granting wishes to the populace and lives off the energy she receives from their gifts. But after hundreds of years she finds that the only thing she has to share her life with is her treasure collection. Possessions – not people.

Her trouble begins when a magical feather appears in her Moon Well that promises freedom from her tower but at the cost of making a pact with a human demon lord. Is the end of her loneliness worth a deal with the devil?

Pao’s lyrical prose are words woven with silk that hypnotize the reader; whether it’s the poetic description of the magical white tower that holds all of Anarra’s secrets or the wonderfully imaginative and original plunge into a mind-bending hell filled with creatures in the vein of Tolkien or Rowlings.

Anarra, the Women of the White Tower, Rash’na’Kul, the heartless demon lord, and Barbarus the villain’s indentured servant all face the same burning, eternal question. What do we want out of life?

Pao weaves a brilliant story that holds you tight from each triumph to each failure and, like a supernatural spell, never lets go. All along she enchantingly lays the foundation for many more extraordinary adventures to come. Ray Lovato, Author of The Incredible Adventures of Doc Atlas


Shean Pao is the first place winner of the Palm Springs Writer’s Guild October Writing Challenge.

Read the winning story -Fifth of Nine- here.


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