The Feather and the Moon Well

Writing a book is an agonizing process. First there is writing it! That can take years, depending on your circumstances. Then the rewrites, the critiquing, the rewrites, the beta-reads, the rewrites, the edits, more rewrites, proof reading, more rewrites. Seriously, I’m not kidding.

So when you have other people involved who are going to be creating the ‘face’ of your baby, things can get a bit emotional.

Enter WordFire Press, the publisher of my debut novel, The Feather and the Moon Well. I have to say, what a splendid job they did in creating the cover of my baby. It is elegant, mysterious and just outright beautiful. Google Fantasy Book Covers if you don’t believe me. You will see a plethora of hideous book covers, none of which make me want to pick up to discover the contents. And isn’t that the very point of a book cover? If it doesn’t intrigue you, it isn’t doing its job.

Thank you WordFire Press, for giving the face of my baby a great start in its new life. I am forever grateful.

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